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Shenzhen Ferry Smart Co.,Ltd looks at things united technology co., LTD. Brand love bush (ISee) exist sensors, microwave living human induction radar products, radar microwave induction switch, breathing, heartbeat radar sensors, based on microwave radar technical support, has developed radar sensors, sensing, high precision constant living induction core technical ability. We are committed to integrating isee's intelligent technology concept of health, care and safety into all aspects of life. Let everyone enjoy the technology feast of this era.

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Wifi network human presence sensor smart home solutions

Real-time detection of presence, micromotion detection (heartbeat, breathing, etc.), motion detection. Intelligent linkage graffiti switch, lamps, curtains and other intelligent products, to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, elderly monitoring, security alarm, hotel room management and other functions.


WiFi network has sensor outage alarm remote control scheme

This program mainly introduces the products and equipment used in the environment of student dormitory and staff dormitory, and the products and equipment used in the hotel for electricity withdrawal without card and the alarm of retirement home are relatively close, so you can refer to this program.


Isee Villa solution

There are light luxury, more noble

Ash, wisdom leads the way

Once upon a time, home is warm because of you

Now, you are warm from home


Ai Xi intelligent hotel lighting radar induction control

The bedroom

When you get out of bed at night, the atmosphere lights come on automatically

Wei yu

People enter the bathroom, automatically turn on the bathroom light, people leave, the light off


Human body has inductive wisdom family community pension remote information real-time monitoring

The old-age smart community provides services such as health management, safety management, remote nursing, community catering reservation, online assistance for the elderly, and emergency help for the elderly.


There is inductive fall detection in the elevator

Combined with the intelligent combination of human body micromotion sensors, the elevator car can be more accurately judged. In addition to reporting trapped information immediately, local combined with voice broadcasting equipment, actively send out a soothing voice. Remind trapped calm waiting for rescue, do not make dangerous action.


The finished product of human body induction radar provides a good lighting, simple and bright environment for the office to meet the needs of the staff in office, communication, thinking, meeting and other work, but also to maintain the unity and comfort between the regions, improve the work efficiency of the staff;

The finished body sensor radar can also communicate a good image to visiting customers through the office space. Promote energy conservation, environmental protection and smart management.

Human body sensing radar Products Office conference room human body detection cases


Intelligent mother-baby room with living radar sensor: detect the human body signal in the mother-baby room, control the light on/off, and feed back the human body signal or switch signal to the server for centralized management.

Intelligent public toilets exist in human body detection: collect the temperature and humidity, odor, human signals, frequency of use and other data in public toilets, control the lights on/off, and feed back the human signals or switch signals to the server for centralized management.

Human body detection exists radar in vivo sensor body signal acquisition

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No card power, enjoy the intelligence. The Ash Living Presence sensor provides you with a comfortable environment. The device supports network connection and remote view and management. The use of highly sensitive radar sensors, people in the room constantly electricity. Suitable for intelligent management in hotels, nursing homes, offices, dormitories and other occasions.

There are cases of sensor radar sensing in hotels


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