Company profile

Shenzhen Ferry Smart Co.,Ltd. 's brand ISee microwave living presence sensor, based on microwave radar technology support, vigorously invested in the development of radar sensors, radar induction, high precision determination of living presence sensor core technology ability. We are committed to integrating ISEE's intelligent technology concept of health, care and safety into all aspects of life. Let everyone enjoy the technology feast of this era.

Core technology of microwave in vivo presence sensor

1, low impedance antenna

Antenna technology: The core radar R&D team has more than 50 years of antenna development experience in the world's top millimeter wave radar field. It has independently developed a number of microwave and millimeter wave band low impedance, high gain antenna technologies, and owns core patents and intellectual property rights. Combined with different application scenarios, customized design can make the effective use range, accuracy and directivity of radar sensor sensor perfectly present; Not miss every minute of the moment;

2. In vivo detection

In vivo detection algorithm: up to 20,000 deep AI learning in order to accurately capture every time your physical status; More than 500 days and nights spent with the possibility of improving accuracy by 1%; The original radar hybrid detection algorithm based on Doppler CW and FMCW allows us to find the best matching parameters in the balance and fusion of hardware and software. To be is to perceive, to perceive instantly;

3. Rf integration

Rf integration technology: Than the industry average performance of the radio frequency link the basis of the standard 10 DBM advantages let us can be in an impregnable position, keep improving military level PCB plank is our commitment to high quality, the domestic leading from the research of rf laboratory (dark room) let's demanding every simulation and validation, is committed to the perfection of every circuit in rf circuit design optimization, The microwave radar production and testing system to fill some gaps in China allows us to provide customers with trust for each delivery.

Through the perfect combination of living detection technology, it can realize the control of household and building lighting, curtains, security, energy management, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, signal and monitoring system, service interface and building control, remote, metering, video, audio control, large household appliances and other electronic equipment. The products are suitable for office, home, business, hotel, airport, hospital, automobile, pension and other intelligent applications.

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