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ISE101A-24 Strong electric single product Version of living presence sensor (switch function)



1) In vivo detection algorithm, which can carry out mixed detection of movement, twitching and breathing to realize real presence induction

2) Low impedance, high gain anti-antenna design, can effectively resist 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless signal interference

3) Remote control design, users can configure the induction parameters according to requirements

4) Support embedded independent installation

5) Five-year warranty



Signal detection instructions: detect people's walking, body movement, head up, turn around and other small movements in normal work and life, as well as breathing signals, and realize the detection of human existence in sleep state.

* Mobile signal: large movement of the body, used for induction trigger

* Fretting signal: sensor real-time detection, indicator light flashing 1;

* Breathing signal: In the absence of micromotion signal, the sensor continuously detects the breathing signal, and the indicator light flashes:

ġDetection range


Note: Dark color is high sensitivity respiratory heartbeat detection area, middle color is medium sensitivity small motion detection area, light color is low sensitivity large motion detection area.

塢Function Set dip switch

1)Detection Area


2) Hold Time


Note: The use of sensor function (breath detection) need to set the sensor delay is more than 5S or above

3Daylight Sensor


Note: When Disable is set, the sensor turns on whenever it detects movement, regardless of whether there is sufficient light.

4Indicator light 


Note: The factory setting indicator is on, which can be turned off by dialing or remote control LS button

Remote control Settings:


Switch remote control/DIP switch Settings

1. When the power is off, dial the DIP switch to return to the current dip switch status

2. Dial any remote control Settings to return to the current Settings of the remote control

ߡInitialize the

The sensor enters the self-test mode for the first time, and the self-test is completed 5 seconds later and the sensor enters the normal working state. During the initialization, neither external movement sensing signal is detected nor remote control signal is received. 

ˡFactory Settings

Sensitivity: : 100%

Delay: 5 s

Optical sensor threshold: Disable

Indicator control: Open

šPrecautions for Use

1. The inductor should be installed by a professional electrician. Please power off the inductor before installing, wiring and changing the setting of dip switch

2. The sensor should be far away from large area metal plate, glass and other materials with high density to avoid triggering by mistake.

3. Avoid using objects that vibrate for a long time around the sensor, shaking fans, etc. Vibration signals will be regarded as moving signals to trigger the sensor.

4. There are non-human objects in continuous motion in the induction area, such as animals, continuously swinging curtains, large plants facing the air outlet, etc

5. Product remote control setting after each successful setting, the indicator light flashes 3 times, indicating that the setting is successful.

6. You are advised to turn off the indicator during normal use.

7. Applied to open office with many people, the induction time can be selected as 30s, and the independent office needs to use 1min or more than 3min.

8. Microwave inductor has a certain penetration ability to the building wall, and the microwave penetrating outside the wall may cause false positives when acting on moving objects outside the fortified area. In order to avoid accidental triggering, pay attention to the selection of installation position and appropriate sensing range during installation. For example:

A. When applied in A room with an area of about 5 square meters or smaller, the sensitivity should be set to 25%.

B. When applied in a room with an area of about 10 square meters, the sensitivity should be set to 50%;

C. When applied in a room with an area of about 20 square meters, the sensitivity should be set to 75%;

D. When applied in a room with an area of about 30 square meters or larger, the sensitivity should be set to 100%;

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