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Choose microwave radar sensor or infrared to analyze garage lighting project

Recently, some clients asked ISEE about garage lighting: microwave radar sensors or infrared sensors? The answer is microwave radar sensors. ISEE is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of microwave sensors. It is also the first enterprise in China to unlock the microwave sensor technology for smart life and improve the living environment.

Under normal circumstances the garage lighting reconstruction using microwave radar sensor is ok, but need to order microwave radar sensor spirit points need to choose the right supplier oh, don't accidentally order to bad quality performance is not stable microwave radar sensor, try not to blindly choose cheaper, what words what the cost of production quality products, The quality for engineering needs to be strong.

So the choose and buy when need to pay attention to, because this year in a market economy, many do induction switch manufacturers or small workshops in order to survive, start doing radar induction switch, but many are not very professional, in order to profit and compete for the market to buy material is the cheapest, tube it how about quality performance steady unstable... So choosing a supplier is very important.

1, microwave radar sensor looks relatively tall in appearance, the shell is made of aluminum oxide, not bulky, frosted PC cover transparent plate, can be installed on the wall can also be hoisted, unique design buckle can be 90 degrees adjustable wall mounting Angle. The appearance is more similar, but you show the microwave radar sensor, the highlight will come out immediately, after all, people will be easier to attract new things.

2. Function: Microwave radar sensor is full bright dim light mode, without triggering induction radar sensor is in the dim state, when there is a clear moving object into the induction range, radar sensors immediately shift working condition dim light into a seaside often light mode, not only let the customer has a very visual experience not to enter the garage mouth see dark, It is not necessary to have a car in 24 hours to come in is always on lighting there is no car in is always on lighting, the radar sensor lamp can save electricity rate can reach more than 65 percent.

Comparison between microwave radar sensor and infrared:

1. Microwave radar sensor uses double light sensing detection technology, with soft light, no glare and no glare. Most human infrared sensors on the market use a transparent cover that is very dazzling after lighting up, so it is impossible to look directly at.

2, microwave radar sensor sensing sensitivity is higher than the human body infrared induction, induction distance in 12 meters, induction is obviously a moving object, not like a human body infrared sensor are influenced by the factors of environment temperature, so the human body infrared induction basic it is sensitive in summer is very low, even no induction.

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