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The coming of 5G era is an opportunity for intelligent microwave sensors

ISEE is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of microwave sensors. It is also the first enterprise in China to unlock the microwave sensor technology for smart life and improve the living environment. 4G will be eliminated, but 5G is in the face of difficulties, in the face of the advent of 5G era, how do we do microwave induction technology, and where is the opportunity of intelligent microwave sensor?

4G to 5G is like a wave. If you seize the opportunity, you can run upward in this wave. If you fail to seize the opportunity, you will be knocked over by the wave.

China Mobile is a national communication company with a long history and a large number of users. It will be a perfect combination if the intelligent microwave sensor and 5G are linked together. It depends on whether anyone dares to be the first one to eat the crab.

Love and talk about how to get 5 g and intelligent microwave sensors together, for example: we all know that before you have said in the home to get a fully automated, only need to use your mobile phone can open the curtains, open the door, or something else, such automatic will be more expensive, the average is ordinary families cannot afford to burden, also is only those who are more wealthy families will install.

But that's not the case today, thanks to the ISEE Microwave sensor that makes the impossible possible, making your home fully automated and spending less stressful.

It has been found that 80 percent of homes still have manual sensors, which do not achieve full sensing. With the passage of time, 5G will gradually enter the market, and intelligent microwave sensor will also become the most ideal life experience for people, which can help lazy people become lazier and save more time for hard-working people. Therefore, 5G+ intelligent microwave sensor is a new development opportunity.

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