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Intelligent home body sensor intelligent household toilet, kitchen living sensor scheme

Home bathroom, kitchen installed live presence sensor, home bathroom, kitchen body detection using ISE101A-24, and the effect is very good.

Due to the presence of the sensor ISE101A-24 working voltage of 120V-277V AC, the output signal is passive switch signal, standby power consumption <1.0W. Products are generally used in high-end villas, hotels, offices, public toilets, nursing homes generally equipped with intelligent terminal systems.

Why choose the living presence sensor ISE101A-24 for home bathroom? Because the living sensor ISE101A-24 can detect small movements, this product is installed on the ceiling of the toilet, squatting in the toilet directly below, whether it is playing with mobile phones, reading and newspapers and other small movements can be detected, the lamp will continue to turn on, uninterrupted midway, is the ordinary infrared switch, microwave switch can not reach; After the human body leaves the area, delay 30 seconds (this time can be adjusted) to turn off the lighting lamps. Built-in light sensor, when the light intensity is not detected for standby state, light is weak to open the detection function, according to the need to use electricity more humane.

In fact, the household does not install intelligent terminal system intelligent human body sensor can also be used, the usage is like common induction switch installation.

The wide range of input voltage is not only suitable for use in China, but also suitable for use in other areas.

110 ~ 130V, such as the United States, Japan, etc., and the ship's voltage.

220 ~ 240V includes 220 v in China, 230 v in The UK and many other countries.

The output voltage is used to supply power to the sensor, and there is no need to connect other adapters. If a bathroom is large enough, but one sensor is not enough to cover the whole area, you can choose to install two sensors in parallel.

Intelligent human body sensor load power resistive load can reach 800W, built-in 10A relay, due to the induction start frequently, in order to prolong the service life, it is recommended that the power within 600W, LED lamp power <100W.

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