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Anti-fall sensor There is inductive fall detection in the elevator

On May 3, 2021, a tragedy occurred in Jin 'an District of Fuzhou, where an elevator broke down and died unexpectedly.

According to the elevator industry, 15 years is usually regarded as a barrier to the life of the elevator. The elevator with more than this service life has great safety risks and is the focus of supervision. It is very important for intelligent monitoring and management of elevator.

If intelligent sensors (such as human micromotion sensors and anti-fall sensors, etc.) are installed, when the elevator trap event occurs, the elevator trap event can be actively detected and reported by the intelligent human micromotion sensor. For other special situations such as the elderly, the drunk, the wounded and so on in the elevator coma trapped, can be found immediately reported, can effectively avoid delaying the golden time of rescue.

Combined with the intelligent combination judgment of the anti-fall sensor and the human body micromotion sensor, the situation in the elevator car can be judged more accurately. In addition to reporting trapped information immediately, local combined with voice broadcasting equipment, actively send out a soothing voice. Remind trapped calm waiting for rescue, do not make dangerous action.

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