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Radar sensor villa whole house intelligent human sensor solutions

There are light luxury, more noble

Ash, wisdom leads the way

Once upon a time, home is warm because of you

Now, you are warm from home

Even if it's slightly different, it's not familiar

ISEE development really exists radar sensor, accurately judge whether there is someone in the space, accurately capture your information linked to the work of other equipment, without too much movement, even sitting still can be accurate induction. At the same time, imported air chips are also used for environmental detection, with high accuracy and long service life.

Whole house intelligent human body sensor whole house intelligent, a lot of responses

Integrated control of the whole house

APP control

Timing control

Linkage control

The remote control

AI control

Intelligent lighting

From the moment you walk in the door, the whole house intelligent human sensor intelligent lighting system can carry out 0-1000 stepless dimming according to your needs, but also intelligent color adjustment, 16 million colors can be adjusted freely, long lost two people's world, how little romantic light powder candlelight dinner. Create romance with light and shadow and fill life with color.

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