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WiFi network version human body presence sensor finished WiFi smart home solutions

Communication protocol: WIFI, no need for independent use of gateway

Human body presence sensor product function description: real-time detection of whether there is someone, micro detection (heartbeat, breathing, etc.), motion detection, intelligent linkage wireless, lamps, curtains and other intelligent products, to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, elderly monitoring, security alarm, hotel room management and other functions.

It is different from the traditional PIR infrared sensor of human body: PIR infrared sensor can only detect human movement, but not the static state of human body, and the false positive is serious.

WiFi network human existence sensor products using radar microwave principle, detection is true and reliable, can penetrate glass, gypsum board and other obstacles, human breathing, heartbeat can also be detected, great application value.

Human presence sensing

Human body movement (detection of someone entering or leaving) Human body static (detection of sitting, sleeping and reading) Duration detection of someone's presence (detection of how long someone exists) Duration detection of no one's presence (detection of how long no one exists)

Does your high-end smart home feel retarded?

Your smart home is configured with sleep mode

While you're asleep on the couch, your smart home shuts down all your devices

Your smart home has a home safe mode

Your smart home turns everything off while your mom is knitting in the bedroom after you leave

Your bathroom is configured with a light on mode

While you just sit on the toilet and play your phone, the smart home turns off the bathroom lights

We solve these annoying problems for you

We will solve these annoying problems for you!

When you sit on the couch watching TV and don't move:

Traditional PIR human motion sensor can not deeply detect whether someone will go to perform sleep mode to crash you, WiFi network human presence sensor human presence sensor accurately judge your presence, do not perform sleep mode to make your smart home no longer intellectual disability.

When you leave home and your mother is still in the bedroom, the system is completely off:

Your mother does not walk in the bedroom when the traditional PIR body motion sensor can not detect whether there is someone, WiFi network body presence sensor finished sensor accurately determine whether your mother is still in the bedroom without the implementation of the home completely closed mode.

When someone turns on the light in the bathroom:

Whether you have been sitting on the toilet for a long time the light will turn off automatically, whether you exercise or not WiFi network human presence sensor accurately judge your presence leave the light on until you really leave.

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